This is my team of family and friends that help me with my plant sale every year. Their hard work, plant expertise and endless energy ensure that your visit is worthwhile and enjoyable.

See you at my plant sale in 2018!

Cathy has a magnificent garden in Bennington, NY with sweeping beds bursting with blooms. She grows nearly 75 stunning herbaceous peonies amongst 100’s of hardy perennials. She loves ‘talking plants’ and has tons of ideas, so feel free to tap into her expertise.

Click here for  photos of her garden.

Kristie tends her garden in Webster, NY

with two helpers, Harper and Quinn.

She has a large vegetable garden, as well as lots of ornamentals including perennials, self-seeding annuals, spring bulbs and clematis.

Her patio is filled with pots of herbs, heirloom tomatoes, and colorful peppers.  

Krisitie is happy to share

her gardening ideas with you!

Teresa gardens in Clarence, NY

where she combines bulbs, annuals, perennials and vines that surround her house & backyard pond.

Her favorite season is spring

when she enjoys her tulips and alliums. Teresa is an accomplished singer in the a capello ensemble,

Vocalis Chamber Choir.

She enjoys running and has participated in the Boston Marathon.

Sue gardens in Cheektowaga, NY where her sunny backyard is an explosion of color throughout the season. Her parterre gardens include four raised beds interplanted with vegetables and ornamentals. She has many years of experience growing container plants, vegetables,

annuals and perennials.

I’m Colleen and grow all the plants for the sale. I do not have a greenhouse, but love to propagate plants, so everything is grown outdoors, which makes it very cold hardy. During the winter I propagate spores, seeds and cuttings in my basement. I love to experiment with new varieties but also grow

many tried and true favorites. I appreciate all your suggestions and use your feedback to make improvements to my sale every year. I enjoy answering your questions and solving your gardening dilemmas.

Clematis 'Ville de Lyon'

Clematis 'Niobe'

Clematis 'Will Goodwin'

Beth helps with all the plant sale preparations including watering, potting, tagging, pricing, signage and anything else that needs to be done prior to the sale. She graduated from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY where she studied Environmental Engineering.

Harper Liam, 7 years old, loves to play outdoors and dig for worms. Move over Master Gardeners, this little guy is hitting the horticultural scene with three generations of gardeners to teach him the ropes. Besides gardening, he loves cars, baseball and popsicles!

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Quinn O’Neill, 4 years old, is the newest addition to the gardening team. She loves shoes, dressing up and helping in the garden. She especially loves to pick and smell the flowers...